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Can't play properly games using a touchpad (suggestion)
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If you want to play a game in a notebook or with a keyboard using a touchpad you will realize that by default the cursor freezes in Solus Gnome (I don't know if is the same with budgie) and the solution is this:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad disable-while-typing false

Because normal people which is the target audience of Solus and even some advance users can't realize how to solve this I suggest to leave this option in false by default.


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I agree that this is not a desired default and is not intended. I'll get this fixed across the Budgie and GNOME Desktop Brandings.

This however isn't anything to do with Steam compatibility or gaming, just general use of input devices in general.

@linuxkernel Also if you could provide me a different nick than your currently set linuxkernel, that'd be great.

Thank you, I couldn't find the option to change the nickname :(

I can set it as an admin but I'd like to know what to change it too. It's a bit too generic and also might be slightly frustrating with actual kernel searches :P

carlix should be fine thanks!!!