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Missing zstd support in ark since 20.0.4
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Hi there

I created several .tar.zst files using ark 19.12.3. Now after the update to 20.04.0 I can't open those archives as well can't create such archives.
Ark doesn't list zstd in the plugins.

My workaround for the moment is to use tar on the command line as this is still working with zstd.

I hope this is the right form to report a bug, it's the first time I need to do this in Solus.

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META: do we still need to label such bug reports with Plasma now that it's an official flavor, or Software will suffice?

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Should be fixed in upcoming sync. ZSTD archives were added in shared-mime-info update so it'll recognize them as Tar archive (Zstandard-compressed) (application/x-zstd-compressed-tar). Validated personally with my own zstd compressed tars that I generate with some internal tooling against Nautilus, but obviously ark != nautilus so your mileage may vary.

It works! Thank you very much.