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Update mailspring to 1.7.4
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Mailspring 1.7.2 is available in Solus Software Center, yet the new 1.7.4 version is available since 2020-Feb-24, which includes a very long list of changes and new features. When will this new version be in the Software Center of our lovely distro - Solus?

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knimer created this task.Apr 12 2020, 1:42 PM
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Paging @alecbcs.

alecbcs added a comment.EditedApr 12 2020, 6:49 PM

I've been holding off on updating Mailspring to 1.7.4 because since it's release there have been a massive up-tick in in issues on Mailspring's Github page and 1.7.4 appears to break the ability to add new IMAP accounts. I'm following the issues closely however and I'll keep this thread up-to-date if there are changes and update once the issues are fixed.

Github Issue Related to IMAP/SMTP Accounts

Thanks @alecbcs woow... thats great to see the quick response and the interest to keep Solus clean. I agree, 1.7.4 has serious issues. Let's wait for fixes or a new release.

@alecbcs I noticed 1.7.5 was released a few days ago so I just wanted to bump this in case you think 1.7.5 is safe to upgrade to

@adurante I just built 1.7.6. I'll test it out for a couple of hours and if all goes well, I'll submit the patch tonight.

I took a bit longer than normal to test out the latest build but everything looks good! D8754 should fix this request.