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Scons tries to use python2.7 which it no longer suports.
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when invoking scons it tries to use python2.7 instead of python3.
The scons version shipped in current solus repos, no longer supports python 2.7.

To make scons work, I'm using this alias as a workaround:
alias scons="/usr/bin/env python3 $(which scons)"

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Unlike what you claim, scons still supports python 2.
The problem lies somewhere else.

Yes, I was wrong, scons 3.1.1 that solus ships is supposed to support python 2.7.

I discovered the culprit was the project I was building, and not scons. I'm sorry about the fuss.

I thought It was scons because I was getting this message:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Python 3.5 or greater required, but you have Python 2.7.17

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