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Thunderbird doesn't open hyperlinks anymore
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Since a recent update, Thunderbird doesn't open hyperlinks in Firefox anymore.
Instead nothing happens at all when a link is clicked.

The default browser is set using the BROWSER env variable:


WM: i3
System is fully updated

Does this problem effect anyone else?

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sborer created this task.Wed, Mar 25, 12:32 PM

I just had to reboot?

Depends when you updated. If you updated to the new glib2, they dropped gio-launch-desktop in favor of just calling the app with sh directly, which means you'd need to restart for that to apply and for xdg mimetypes to be handled correctly again.

sborer closed this task as Resolved.Thu, Mar 26, 7:12 AM
sborer claimed this task.

Oops that was a brain fart.
Of course I just had to restart, somehow this clicked because two systems had the problem.
Sorry for the noise. :)