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Are there available last and recent kernels?
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Is it possible to find and download or install from the Solus repository kernel 5.5.3-147?
...or from anywhere else?

5.5.7-150 is misbehaving - strange keyboard lagging or not applying the input command. It has to be applied a couple of times or slowly in order to happen. I'm using Krita to draw, and switching tools are keys, shortcuts and key combinations. I'm experiencing issues to work.

I lost my 5.5.3-147 during the last update and I can't reverse. Only this one works fine for my configuration since the last issue.

Any chance?

Thanks you

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solusme created this task.Mar 17 2020, 10:46 PM
serebit added subscribers: DataDrake, serebit.EditedMar 17 2020, 10:50 PM

Use sudo eopkg history to find the last update you made before the update to kernel 5.5.7 and run sudo eopkg history --takeback index, where index is the number assigned to that history entry. That should bring you back to kernel 5.5.3.

Also, it would be helpful if you made another task for your specific issue so @DataDrake can track it.

Hi there Serebit!
Thank you for the attention.

From my point of experience "eopkg history -t (index number)" doesn't restore the kernels. I acknowledge, I may be wrong! But It worth to try it.
I'll give a report.


OK, so... the History takeback gave this:

Following packages will be installed:
Do you want to continue? (yes/no)y
Downloading 1 / 1
Package linux-current found in repository Solus
linux-current-5.5.3-147-1-x86_64.eopkg could not be found

Ok, what I thought. Although it says that the package is found, but at the same time is not in the Repo any more and can't be installed.

hm!? Strange

@solusme We only keep a certain number of releases for each package around. It's impossible to guarantee that all history operations can be rolled-back.

DataDrake triaged this task as Needs More Info priority.Mar 18 2020, 3:50 PM

Please follow-up after the next kernel upgrade.

solusme added a comment.EditedMar 18 2020, 4:54 PM

Hi DataDrake,

What you've said, make sense now. It explains my failures of previous attempts in history reverse kernels.


Can I make a copy of these files and their versions, whenever I find them working best:


and in that kind of situations to just copy them back in my /boot folder?
Is it going to work after a grub update?

Thanks and Best Regards!

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Closing due to lack of response in over 30 days.