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HP Elitebook 2570p being slower & showing vertical lanes on kernel 5.5.7-150.current
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On kernel 5.5.7-150.current Solus is a way slower - it's booting way slower & is less responsive (compared to 5.4.12-144.current) - also is showing ,,strange vertical lines" while turning off.
Sorry for poor video quality. My phone had problems to keep focus on picture because it became black before this white vertical lines show up.
It happens only on 5.5.7-150.current kernel. I never experienced something like that with my HP. BIOS update didn't helped. Now on LTS kernel I don't have this problem & system is fast probably same as 5.4.12-144.current, but on this kernel Solus doesn't recognize at startup that lid is closed & I'm using 23" display (Samsung on this video) connected to docking station. So I need to manually open laptop, change display output & close the lid - then it works until reboot/suspend. That makes me mad.

Bye the word ,,slower" i mean - i was worried that my SSD is broken so I did every possible diagnostics test & SSD is fine. Thankfully.

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Probably a kernel bug. Keep us posted after the next kernel update and we'll dig deeper if needed. Marking as "Needs More Info" for follow-up.

So update - 5.5.11-151.current - vertical lanes still show up, OS is snappy but shutdown takes a little longer than on LTS.

Please check that the UUID of your Swap partition in /etc/fstab and /etc/kernel/cmdline.d/10-resume.conf match the value listed when running:

lsblk -o +UUID

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