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Noto-sans-ttf v2.7-15 update borks system
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After latest system update on March 16, 2020, application and system fonts show incorrectly (image attached) and programs no longer launch. The exception is Files which does open. Using stock fonts, Plata-Nior, and Adwaita icons.

Ran repair and reinstall with no success (side note that system still has udisks bug):

sudo eopkg check | grep Broken | awk '{print $4}' | xargs sudo eopkg it --reinstall

Rolled-back system to previous update and then updated applications by half-splitting until noto-sans-ttf v2.7-15 was isolated as being the culprit. All updates were applied except noto-sans-ttf and system worked as expected. Updated noto-sans-ttf and system broke again.

sudo eopkg history -t number

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You don't need to do that, you just need to reboot after your upgrade...

programs no longer launch

Then reboot. This was a change in GLib.