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Add --shutdown option to eopkg, and add to the UI of the Software Center, and extra choices in the User Indicator applet if updates are available
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I'm not in a dire need for this or anything, but I think a --shutdown (e.g. sudo eopkg up --shutdown) option would be handy for eopkg, as well as a UI setting in the Software Center. In Budgie, if updates exist, an "Update and Shutdown" option could be dynamically added to the User Indicator applet. Just an idea.

Windows has a similar feature.. but this suggestion was actually inspired by a question on the Solus subreddit, who said he has trouble with big updates slowing down his system during use. I thought maybe he could update on shutdown and I checked to see if this functionality existed and it didn't, so here we are.

Windows example of the same feature I'm proposing for the User Indicator applet:

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Beer created this task.Mar 6 2020, 9:03 PM
JoshStrobl closed this task as Wontfix.Mar 7 2020, 12:35 AM
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We already provide a restart system prompt when a package in system.base is modified in the Software Center. In terms of Budgie, we would need to provide some sort of interface to allow other downstreams to report when a system needs to be restarted. Kinda too much work for little to no actual reward, especially given everybody else suffers with GNOME Software and their constant prompts to restart just to apply downloaded updates.

With Solus, you only really need to restart your system if a kernel or systemd update has occurred and you have kernel modules which are not yet loaded, so no real point in providing a prompt.

Thanks for the thoughts / suggestion though!

Beer added a comment.EditedMar 12 2020, 3:59 AM

Mainly the idea was.. no need to manually update. Every day when you shut down the system for the night, if there's an update you could just update and shutdown and walk away. I thought it would be a minor convenience feature for people with bandwidth limitations like the person mentioned above, who doesn't like updating during the day when he's active. eopkg up --shutdown seemed like an okayish solution. All good. Thanks!

stalebrim added a subscriber: stalebrim.EditedMar 12 2020, 9:14 AM

Yea, I think Josh misunderstood the actual request. It wasn't to prompt restart when certain packages are modified, it was to be able to schedule updating to shutdown moment.