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Lenovo ThinkPlus E3 Imroperly Recognized by Kernel 5.5.7
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I use two wireless 2.4Ghz mice currently, both from Lenovo, since one is more comfortable for me (ThinkLife WL600) (larger, though when I shall have the budget, I shall buy a better one, to replace both), while the other is silent and flat (ThinkPlus E3) (I use this when people are asleep).

Before updating to 5.5.7 from 5.5.4 (I am on the unstable channel), both worked without issue, being recognized thus:
WL600 - Lenovo Wireless Mice
E3 - Lenovo E3

Now on 5.5.7, the WL600 works as well as it has always been, being recognized the same, however the E3 is being recognized as "Holtek Semiconductor, Inc. wireless dongle", with the mouse being completely unresponsive.

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If you can get me the USB vendor and product IDs, I can look closer later.

moriel5 added a comment.EditedMar 5 2020, 6:22 PM

Sure thing:

Vendor ID: 0x1a81
Product ID: 0x101b

That's odd, the Vendor ID is different from other Lenovo products.
I'll check the output on kernel 5.5.4 later if there is any change.

Update: This is just getting stranger.
On kernel 5.5.4, I suddenly got the same symptoms, so I tested the mouse with my LG G3, and for some odd reason it get registered as a keyboard named MOSFEN (or something like that), without the mouse working.
After cleaning the USB dongle, suddenly the mouse started working with my LG G3, though still appearing as a keyboard (apparently Android thinks that the dongle is meant for a mouse-and-keyboard-combo). so I tested on my laptop, and it works again, though it still claims it is a Holtek wireless dongle (which it did not before this whole story broke out).
The craziest thing about this, is that I know that the ThinkPlus E3 is an official Lenovo product (china-only, it would seem from Lenovo's website, though. I had ordered it off AliExpress).

I guess this should be closed now?

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Marking as resolved since the original issue was found.