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xorg-driver-video-intel causing freezes (intel igpu)
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Well, I had a problem with solus budgie freezing. I see a lot about kernel 5.5 fault, but when I downgraded to 4.19 and the freezings continued, I tried other things. I removed xorg-driver-video-intel and now eveything is so smooth now. Is this a bug with driver or this a imcompatibility issue?

I have a intel celeron n3060, with intel hd graphics 400 (braswell)

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This happens from time to time and I've never been able to nail down who should and shouldn't have the Xorg driver over the KMS driver. Might be worth trying to remove it on the 4.2 ISO as a test.

This happens from time to time and I've never been able to nail down who should and shouldn't have the Xorg driver over the KMS driver. Might be worth trying to remove it on the 4.2 ISO as a test.

Yeah, I agree. Maybe its useful write something about it in the solus wiki. So, when I remove this driver I use the kernel mesa driver right?

KMS = Kernel Mode-Setting.

Xorg uses its driver at a different level. Mesa fits in a different layer of the stack so you are using it regardless of whether or not you are using the Xorg or the KMS driver.

Also, there is no Solus Wiki :P

I'm curious, what does X-Org rely upon if you remove the driver, CPU-based graphics?

aquasp added a comment.EditedFeb 20 2020, 6:04 PM

Well, I call solus Help Center as Solus wiki haha

@moriel5 Nothing like that. The Xorg DDX drivers provide additional optimizations and features to Xorg on top of the KMS driver. Without it, Xorg falls back to the Modesetting DDX driver which still uses the KMS driver as a backend and can do some optimizations and things. It's also worth noting that most of the DDX functionality is focused on 2D rendering which isn't used as much these days with GTK and Qt moving towards GL-based 3D rendering.

The Intel DDX driver is a special child in that Intel seem to be much more focused on the KMS driver than the DDX driver, so the current DDX driver mainly works best on pre-Iris graphics. It's actually kind of a running joke as to when Intel will finally release version 3.0 of the Xorg DDX driver. We even removed the Intel DDX driver from at least one version of the ISO in the past, but brought it back for compatibility. It's probably just time to revisit that again.

@DataDrake Thanks, I see I had mixed the KMS driver with the DDX driver, and the Mesa driver with the KMS driver.
So in short, anything relying on Gen7 or older?

Also, I noticed that "disable animations" option was not working with those xorg drivers installed

@moriel5 I don't know where the cut-off is, TBH. I do know that it was a problem on my i5-4570R which was first-gen Iris on Haswell.

moriel5 added a comment.EditedFeb 20 2020, 7:16 PM

@DataDrake Then in that case, I'll check whether this solves the "blank screen on wake" issue that's been plaguing every PC using Intel graphics (everywhere from i3-540 to i5-6200U, including a BayTrail Celeron and an i3-3220) I had installed Solus on since kernel ~4.19 (granted, it happens much less often, and is a minor issue since I just need to switch TTYs, but it still happens,and the less bugs, the better).

Update: Ouch, upon reboot, LightDM failed to start up until I reinstalled "xorg-driver-video-intel" and rebooted again. This was on the i5-6200U.


Do you have mesa lib and mesa lib 32 installed? I also installed all libvas and libvdpaus, but I think it is not related to xorg intel

@aquasp Yes, I do (both actually, the 32-bit package for Wine support), as well as the others (though these are more for cases where I need to boot from another PC).

Btw, I will wait until kernel 5.6 arrives and then I will try to install xorg intel again and see if the issues continues

Also, how can I enable notifications for this post?

aquasp added a comment.Mar 5 2020, 2:14 AM

Well, I can confirm that I was wrong in the beginning. After removing xorg drive, the freezes were occurring much less frequently. But, I broke my system after accidentally deleting bin folder (don't ask me how I did it) and then, after a clean install, the freezes were much less frequent even with xorg drivers. I also noticed that xorg drivers make my waterfox faster.

Well, in this clean install, I did not installed libva-va-gl as I did in the previous. Maybe this package was causing more freezes than the normal. Now I am just waiting to the kernel 5.5.7, because I read that the freezes were even less present in it.

OK just to add fuel to the fire I've been getting the same issue, I have to switch to tty1 and full reset. This is why I don't think its a KMS issue otherwise my tty would be locked out and trying to perform
a reset would hit a kernel panic. I get this several times a day when working at the library so I have to save often or risk losing all my work. It seems, in my case at least, explicitly tied to the alt+tab window.
Personally I think some of the UB changes in git are somewhat untested and are causing runaway issues, and would need review (mutter/daemon/etc) as they're causing full X server locks.

As for the presence of the Intel DDX, it is needed for older chipsets as the KMS driver will cause issues there (real hangs). Fedora carried patches to explicitly use KMS on newer generations and fallback to the Intel DDX in all
other cases. May be worth looking into.

Posting locally cached comment i didn't send:

Fedora and Debian only use the intel ddx driver on pre gen4 chips, otherwise modesetting. Honestly, i'm not sure if they mean pre-gen4 core architecture or pre-gen4 graphics.

Here's the patch fedora carry for xorg

moriel5 added a comment.EditedMar 5 2020, 1:10 PM

@joebonrichie From what I can see from the patch notes, it looks to be pre-Gen4 graphics.

@ikeycode Welcome back (even if you are not a full-time Solus user anymore).

@aquasp I see not libva-va-gl in the repo, you are using Solus, correct?

aquasp added a comment.Mar 5 2020, 5:51 PM

@moriel5 oh sorry, with libva-va-gl I mean libva-vdpau-driver
I always write it wrong

Well, as far I know intel has no vpdau support, and there is the reason for libvdpau-va-gl, right?

But I think that if I install libva-vdpau-driver, it will use the conversion to vaapi instead of using the native vaapi in intel

@aquasp Thanks, it appears I also had that installed.
Back when I had initially set up Solus, I installed this to provide additional codec coverage, however looking at the Arch Wiki page, it is pretty much irrelevant unless you are using Nouveau on NVidia's 900-series or newer cards, and even then, it only appears to support decoding (plus, no support by either Firefox or Chromium).
Otherwise, everything it supports seems to be supported by VA-API and/or NVidia's proprietary driver.