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snaps appear to be broken when using zsh
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Solus Plasma Unstable, fully up to date, no broken packages.

Snaps no longer work, app menu entry has disappeared too.


zsh: command not found: spotify

If I run bash then spotify it works as expected.

With bash

echo $PATH

With ZSH

echo $PATH

As discussed on IRC:
<Harvey> I just tested adding it to sddm.conf
<Harvey> Works
<Harvey> Snaps still don't show up in app menu but they launch.

Some more digging I found this
[20/2/20 6:32 pm] <Harvey> Ok so I created /etc/zprofile and added the line emulate sh -c 'source /etc/profile' that combined with adding the path to sddm.conf resolves the issue
[20/2/20 6:32 pm] <Harvey> Which confuses me as to why the sddm.conf change is needed.
[20/2/20 6:33 pm] <Harvey> We don't have but I tried to add instead which didn't work.

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Harvey added a comment.EditedFeb 23 2020, 1:28 AM

Due to some unrelated testing with girt's packaging script 'solt' where I found that || was not working, it made me think maybe its not working in the sddm patch either. So I removed the sddm.conf DefaultPath additions and simplified the Xsession zsh fix to:

[ -d /usr/share/defaults/etc/zsh ] && zdir=/usr/share/defaults/etc/zsh

With zsh:

echo $PATH                

Snaps function perfectly including application menu entries. So there is no issue with making the zprofile addition in zsh stateless.

So question is do we actually need to bother checking those other locations at all in sddm?