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[Package Request] Elementary LightDM Greeter
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Summary: Since GDM 3.36's UI is influenced by Elementary OS's new(ish) LightDM greeter (the GNOME foundation had turned to Elementary Inc. for this, the same people had worked on the UIs), I was hoping to be able to use the Elementary LightDM Greeter (it seems to be more useful than slick-greeter, plus it should work better with Plasma than GDM (I confess, I use 4 DEs on my computers)).

The issue at hand, is that we need a few additional dependencies for this, that are not currently packages in Solus:
liblightdm-gobject This was taken care of by lightdm-devel, Apparently it was not installed, despite the fact that I was sure it was.

If this idea is not completely rejected, I shall post a separate package requests for each of these dependencies.

License: GPLv3

I assume that there will be many others who will like to use this greeter, since it both is very functional and looks good.

Latest version (5.0.1):

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Rejected for inclusion. Requires granite and per our Package Inclusion Policy:

If the requested package is curated towards, or developed with the intent to work on, a specific operating system, it will very likely be rejected. This includes packages which require libraries that are built with the intent to work on a specific operating system.

At least we can get some ideas for a greeter in the future.