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I was planning on packaging it, it sounds really helpful for hardware reviewers/overclockers/normal users that want to make sure their temps are okay

Yup, planned on packaging this thing too but better be sure the core team gives approval first :)

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FWIW - working upstream to add build support in git

It makes the build dependencies obvious (basically just pkgconfig32(gl)) and glslang so hopefully that makes it easier to package. Obviously don't use the script to package it
just configure/build it twice like with LSI.

A nice touch for packaging it would be a link to push it to the explicitly enabled layers, as a subpackage of mangohud. This would then enable mangohud for all vulkan
applications OOTB. Something like mangohud, mangohud-32bit, mangohud-config-enable

Thanks Ikey for providing Solus support upstream.
I gave a quick look around packaging this morning and for now, I don't know how to handle imgGui which is called via a git submodule command in the build.

In that case, use a git source in the ypkg so that submodules are fetched. Make sure to use a specific tag or commit - not master.

So simple...

Thanks for the tip didn't know using git as source also fetched submodules.
I've struggled a bit with vulkan headers until I realized I could use system libs since vulkan headers are packaged.
I've come to an error when trying to build with 32 bits but time's up for today.