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Update shellcheck to 0.7.0
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  • Many additions/changes/fixes:
  • Also version 0.4.7 (currently on repository) is almost 3 years old

Link to source tarball/zip file:

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Girtablulu moved this task from Backlog to Improvement on the Software board.

Just so you are aware, this won't be happening any time soon. The entire Haskell stack needs to be updated and rebuild as static-only. And I'm not going to have time to do this for awhile.

I can build the shellcheck package itself and contribute it, but if the Haskell stack needs updating... is there a bug for what all needs doing?

@acook Haskell is all me. I just need to find the time to sit down and pull it kicking and screaming forward.

Yeah I played around with building Haskell a little but it's not a stack I'm super familiar with. Last time I used it was actually to modify a support program to integrate Shellcheck with CodeClimate.

The trouble is that any time Haskell wants to use a system library it needs to be linked fully static or fully dynamic. Which goes for all of its dependencies too. Since we don't ship many static libs in Solus, our entire Haskell is dynamically linked. Which is fine for executable size, but any time you update a library you have to recompile everything that uses it and usually everything above it, recursively. This is made worse by GHC updates which require rebuild absolutely everything in Haskell. That's around 330 packages and takes > 20 hours to do. So yeah, not something I've had a whole lot of time to commit to.

ShellCheck - shell script analysis tool
version: 0.7.1
license: GNU General Public License, version 3