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Make iio-sensor-proxy preinstalled on Budgie and Gnome
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Could I propose to make this package preinstalled at least on Gnome and Budgie? It allows for automatic screen rotation which is essential on some devices as default screen orientation is flipped for some bizarre reason (like on HP Stream X360). It also enables ambient light sensors which are super handy, and also compass which is nice for a map app.
All those features require no additional configuration, support for it has been implemented into Mutter for some time now.
All distros I checked ship it by default with Gnome. After my testing, it works just as well with Budgie

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I have a dell xps 9575 and I do confirm that iio-sensor-proxy work without configuration with Budgie. However there is something that would be cool to add with that: my panel is on the left side of my screen (so it is 1080 pixels long and it doesn't use vertical space). Out of the box, when I go into portrait mode, the panel stay on the left side of the screen (so it is now 1920 pixel long and is using precious horizontal space). I want my panel to stay on the same physical place on the screen whether I am in landscape or portrait (that is, my panel is always 1080 pixels long, and is on the left side in landscape and on the top in portrait). Right know, I am using a systemd unit that listen to dbus events related to rotation, change my dconf and then do a budgie-panel --replace. It works but it is a bit involved for someone new to Linux, and I do sometimes end up with two panels and need to kill one.

I don't know if Gnome have something that do that. I can share my script and systemd unit if it helps.

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I have added this to the Budgie and GNOME ISOs per T8629: Meta: Solus 4.2 Tasklist.