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Solus Plasma 4.1 fish default shell graphical login not possible
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I'm unable to change my default shell to fish. If I do it, I can no longer login with the gui.
I tried it with:
sudo eopkg install fish
sudo chsh -s /usr/bin/fish $(whoami)

I had no problems with this on the budgie version.
Looks like the KDE Login somehow needs bash as default shell.
I can still login via "F2 Shell" and change default shell back to bash. Then after a reboot the gui login works again.

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logTom created this task.Feb 12 2020, 12:55 PM
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sudo ln -s /usr/share/defaults/etc/shells /etc/shells

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most likely to do with this D8190

@logTom can you give this a quick test and confirm if this is working for you as well

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