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Joe's Own Editor
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Joe - Joe's Own Editor

Joe is a full featured terminal based text editor. It is small at a compiled 300k. It is quick to open. It uses the keybindings from WordStar and it can emulate EMACS, Nano and Pico. It can take standard input from a piped command. Built in help screen while open only uses 1/4 of the top of the screen. Allows you to continue editing the remaining portion of the file. It has support for ANSI terminals. When editing source and config files it uses multi-color syntax highlighting. It uses a swap file that allows editing of files to large to fit into memory. Multiple search and replace function. Fully interactive editing with arrow keys. You can cut, copy, paste all within the editor with no need for a mouse.

It is released under the GNU GPL.

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Because I said I would :p

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In my previous discussion with DataDrake and the others in the Dev irc channel. I will be the maintainer.