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2019 End of Year Cleaning
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Need to be deprecated:

  • cerebro
  • darkradiant
  • desmume
  • dukto (Qt4)
  • kotlin
  • mp3diags (Qt4)

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I'm not a Kotlin developer so I don't care that much about it, but if I understood right, Solus eventually will support multiple JDKs. Why are we going to remove Kotlin anyway?

@livingsilver94 because the person who requested it and maintained it is now maintaining kotlin-native which doesn't require the JDK, AND after almost two months, no one has objected to its removal. I'm not going to ask him to keep maintaining the JDK version of it if he doesn't need to.

@livingsilver94 We're not packaging JDK 9, as far as I'm aware, and Kotlin (bizarrely) requires JDKs 8 and 9 to build at the very least. Not enough people use the standard Kotlin compiler on Solus to warrant keeping it in the repo, especially not with requirements like that. If JetBrains decides to relax the JDK version requirements for building Kotlin, then I'll request its inclusion again, but I don't see that happening.

I'd also like to add that as a Kotlin developer myself, people are far more likely to use Gradle for Kotlin projects rather than the standalone Kotlin compiler. The standalone compiler is, in my opinion, more of a novelty.

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Marking as resolved, all of these will be deprecated during this Friday's sync.