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Protonvpn-cli: switch to protonvpn-cli-ng
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Since this commit from two days ago, the version of protonvpn-cli we are shipping is discontinued.
Users are encouraged to switch to protonvpn-cli-ng, a new version of protonvpn-cli.

As you can notice, the repo name has changed and the usage of the script changed.

So here are the questions:
1/ Should we switch to this new version?
2/ If we do, should we transparently switch to the new repo or should we create a new package?
3/ Should we broadcast some kind of message, for example via the forum, to warn users about the switch?

Here is my mind:
1/ We should switch to this new version because the other one will not be maintained anymore.
2/ The best should be to have the two packages in the repo for some time, then remove the older protonvpn-cli.
3/ There should be a post in the forum to explain to users how to switch to the new version.

What are your mind on it?

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DataDrake edited projects, added Software; removed Lacks Project.Nov 28 2019, 2:44 PM
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  1. Yes.
  2. Same repo. Two is needlessly confusing.
  3. This is what Changelogs are for.

Thanks. I'll send patches in a few moment.

This version needs python-pythondialog to get accepted. See T8512