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SMART Data not available in Gnome Disks
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I'm using Solus Mate which I installed from the Solus 3 iso.
When I open Gnome Disks, click Drive Options next to the minimise button, I see SMART Data is greyed out.
I installed smartmontools and gsmartcontrol, neither of which activated the SMART Data option in Disks.
For comparison, I booted a Peppermint 10 Live USB on a different laptop, and SMART Data was available in Disks there.
Can this be fixed in Solus ?

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Jacalz added a subscriber: Jacalz.EditedNov 11 2019, 5:55 PM

Are you absolutely sure that the drive actually has SMART support? I have no troubles at all viewing the SMART information inside gnome disks on a budgie system.
Your other laptop might have smart data but not this one, it is a possibility...

This seems to be NVME related. Haven't had time to diagnose.

Does appear to be NVMe related, yes. My 970 Evo NVMe has the SMART data option greyed out, but my 850 Evo SATA has the option available.

I own a 970 Evo Plus NVMe SSD and I can confirm that I have the same issue with this drive.

Smart info for my regular SSD is not greyed out.

I booted my Peppermint 10 Live USB on my laptop which has a NVMe SSD, and SMART Data was greyed out.
So I guess it's not a Solus bug !

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