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Rust install size has ballooned to over 585MB since 1.38
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The eopkg's alone have doubled in size

rust-1.37.0-55-1-x86_64.eopkg 	12-09-2019 12:50:06 	112.16M
rust-1.38.0-56-1-x86_64.eopkg 	11-10-2019 17:11:07 	202.87M

There is a WIP patch from fedora to reduce the size to normal here;

There is also some patches floating around on the rust github.


Differential Revisions
D7865: Update rust to 1.40.0

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I noticed that Rust releases a new version every 5-6 weeks, more or less. Let's wait for Rust 1.39 first; shouldn't it solve anything, I'll apply the patch.

Rust 1.39 has been taken out of the oven just now.

Nah, Rust is still as big as a whale. Gonna try some patches out there.

I think this is the patch we want. We can wait until it hits a stable release.

Yes, I'm reluctant to apply patches, given that a previous attempt to reduce Rust's size has been reverted. I'd personally wait for an upstream-approved solution.

It's been fixed: Now let's just wait for a new release (or two).

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