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fuse-overlay for Podman package
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Hi there,

Podman is available inside the Solus repository but there is a "missing" dependency for it. Indeed, fuse-overlay is used to provide an Overlay FS to rootless containers for Podman and therefore provides copy-on-write for these. This is not the case in Solus, Podman uses a kind of "backup" backend, named VFS, due to the lack of this FUSE driver.

Why it's useful ? By bringing copy-on-write, there is an efficient disk usage, because with the VFS storage backend, each newly created container copies the entire underlying image filesystem, there is a lot of data duplication, this is not ideal imo. Docker uses also OverlayFS (not through fuse also) by default.

Here is the link to Github repo :
Link to the last version :


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chax added a subscriber: chax.Oct 14 2019, 12:30 AM

Since I am a maintainer of podman and buildah i will gladly package this if it gets accepted.

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chax added a comment.Oct 20 2019, 8:14 PM

New version is out 0.6.5, but i can't package it until T3023 is resolved.

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Given this requires FUSE 3 and so few things actually support it, thus necessitating fuse 2 (nobody has proposed a co-installable solution), closing.

chax added a comment.May 5 2021, 10:32 AM

@JoshStrobl now that we have fuse3, can we re-open this. I will try to play with this locally and if i get it to work i can make a patch.