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Joplin, notes with mathematical equations
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I have seen a previous request for Joplin that failed to make clear some of the reasons why adding Joplin to the repository might be a good idea.

Reasons for inclusion:

Joplin is a note-taking app that combines features that are otherwise not available together in a single application:

  1. Joplin is maintained actively.
  2. Joplin is available on just about any platform, including iOS and Android.
  3. Joplin supports synchronization via many different services natively.
  4. Joplin supports end-to-end encryption for all synchronization services.
  5. Joplin supports KaTeX to include mathematical expressions within notes that are not mere images.
  6. Joplin is extendable via plugins.
  7. Joplin has a web clipper for Firefox and Chrome that helps with adding web content to notes.

Now, some of these features are available in other applications that aim to fit a similar niche, for example the already included Boostnote can do mathematical expressions in a similar fashion to what Joplin does. However, many other features are simply not available in Boostnote, some of which are:

  • Boostnote doesn't support native synchronization other than Dropbox as far as I understand. The "solution" would be to use any service that syncs the whole data directory.
  • Boostnote does not offer encryption, so my file sync service would be able to read all of my notes.
  • Boostnote does not offer an iOS or Android application, only desktop is supported.
  • Boostnote does not offer a web clipper.

I think that there is a fair number of advantages that Joplin has over Boostnote and that those might justify an addition of Joplin to the repository, especially taking into account that Boostnote is placed more as a tool for developers while Joplin is more of a general purpose note application.
Thank you.

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