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Bug: KDE Media Player Controller no longer detects GPMDP
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Until a few weeks ago when I used Google Play Music Desktop Played it would show up on the Media Player Controller widget on the Plasma Desktop however, now, it is no longer detected. I tested this on two machines with the same results. MPV also is not detected but VLC, Gwenview, Rhythmbox and SMPlayer all are detected as normal.

I tried rebuilding GPMDP but it still isn't seen by the widget. I haven't seen this reported anywhere else so wondering if it is a Solus issue. Not sure how to debug the widget though. Can anyone else verify this?

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This is an issue upstream

in short with plasma 5.16.5 they have now stricter MPRIS, if the software doesn't follow it correctly it wont work

Okay thanks, presume this is also the case for mpv then.