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Add fam15h_power module to Solus kernel config
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Bulldozer-family CPUs (fam15h and up until, but not including, Zen) support reporting their current power usage via the fam15h_power module.

This module is currently disabled, but can be enabled with e.g. CONFIG_SENSORS_FAM15H_POWER=m

Please consider enabling this the next time you're doing kernels.

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ermo assigned this task to DataDrake.Sep 28 2019, 9:27 PM
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Looks like this was dropped again in R3571:dad3cd0991cd13bab13f535fd17ffcef7fd3f0e8 ? Did it break something?

$ uname -r
$ modprobe configs
$ zgrep -Hin fam15h /proc/config.gz
/proc/config.gz:4094:# CONFIG_SENSORS_FAM15H_POWER is not set

hmm. not intentionally, no...

Maybe I added it for the 5.2 series and reverted by accident when I went back to out original 5.3.