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Update PSensor to 1.2.1
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Changelog (taken from here:

Documentation files are generated with asciidoctor instead of asciidoc.
Added support of BCM2835 which is mostly used in the Raspberry PI3.
Fresh install of 1.2.0 complains about missing sensor config keys.
Fixed hide on startup preference.
Fixed restoration of the panel divider position.
Update graph immediately when a sensor is enabled or disabled.
Moved the source code to GitLab:
Fixed 'psensor-server crash when no sensor is detected'.
Fixed 'Compilation requires dependencies of all component even if only server is desired'.
Fixed 'Any percent sensor breaks psensor-server page'.
Fixed potential race condition during graph drawing.

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There is no 1.2.1 release. I checked. There isn't even a tag for it on git. Latest release is 1.2.0, which we're already on. You can see it at and even via the official website's tarball hosting:, sure they updated the NEWS file but that is meaningless to me without a tarball or tag. Anybody claiming they're using 1.2.1 aren't really.