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  • Name: Exaile
  • Homepage:
  • The reason for this request: absolutely none of the available music players in Solus repository, currently, have all of these features: working lyrics fetching, song rating system, simple to use playlist mode (Guayadeque can't actually afford it). I can only think in Clementine running via Snap or Flatpak, but... Flatpak version is broken (can't play ALAC/M4A files) and both Flatpak or Snapd versions run with poor performance given that both run in sandbox, of course. Furthermore, when you run a music player under a sandbox, you get two gstreamer samplering your song, what means and results in... lower sound quality. If someone care about sound quality as I care, will obviously notice it. Strawberry? Good Clementine port, without rating system and smart playlist feature don't accept the same filters as the latest Clementine version or even Exaile. In addition, both Clementine and Strawberry are Qt aplications running in a GTK-based DE, so... Ya, Exaile would be a thing. For who?
  • Anyone who cares about good sound library management, music critics, audiophiles (who can't accept a gstreamer inside a gstreamer, if want good library management and lyrics and well-done UI and a stable software);
  • Yes. Exaile is open-source and source is available at
  • As attests, Exaile is free software under GNU GPLv2 license.

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It's working. I built it minutes ago and the only bug I noticed is that FLAC bit rates can't be read by the player, but it's a Exaile bug. I needed to install python-cairo, and python-beautifulsoup, python-lxml are both optional dependencies for lyrics feature.

DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

Really don't want yet another python-frontend to music libs. Vetoed.

I don't know if I got this, but... The reason to not include a software is... "Ya, we have another Python music players"? So, are you saying that this (too damn little, and come on, you can't tell me any opposite) repository will have exactly one unique piece of software (within a specific category) for each language? This way, I really can't get why we have Vivaldi and Brave in the same place (for your logic... "oh, another Blink frontend, sh.."). Your form told me to describe unique features of this software, and I describe and can tell one more... It's GTK. No other GTK music player have all Exaile features reunited. For the end user, it's FEATURES that matter, not the language that a software is written. Your logic is broken as Zimbabwe, and if this is the philosophy of this project, even with the incredible quality that was putted on Solus, I can't afford using it... If it's what you want, I can pack it myself and upload it here. I can be the maintainer.

No. I am saying that as a Core Team member of Solus I have evaluated this player over the many others in the repository and that on top of it being yet another python-gtk application and music player, it doesn't provide sufficiently more value add for me to consider its inclusion into the repository.I don't care if you are offering to maintain it. I have made the decision and am asking you to respect it, even if you don't agree. This is clearly spelled out in the Package Inclusion Policy:

Solus curates its repository and keeps it intentionally small, regardless of manpower. If you think it's too small, that's your problem, not ours.

And if you really want to get technical, Rhythmbox is native GTK3 and has all of the features you mentioned. And no, the language its written in is not grounds for inclusion, but is from time-to-time used as grounds for exclusion. We very much favor native implementations over Python apps as they are more efficient in both code size and memory usage. They also don't break when someone pollutes the system python with a pip install. And to be perfectly honest, we have refused several web browsers on the premise that they are yet-another-chromium-frontend. Vivaldi provides an experience like Opera before it switched to Blink and has continued to do so, well. Brave is actually one of the few chromium-based browsers that actually provides value-add on top of the core engine, that sets it apart from the others.

Good answer, dude. So, as a User member of Solus I understand know, but I'm not obligate to accept. By myself, I feel very grateful for your support, Solus is really a great project, offering great performance, good user experience, elegant interface, as well as eopkg, really fast and efficient package system. And you're right: if I think it's too small, it's my problem - I'm just a new user - and, thankfully, eopkg offers to their users the freedom to create and maintain their own repositories, as well as I could do.

And ya, I can get what you're talking about, you are right about native vs python apps. You're right even about Exaile features, but take a look at how integrated are lyrics with the Rhythmbox's UI. As an user, I simply prefer Exaile experience, that's just it, and I will continue using Exaile.

Ps.: I got it's not sufficient reason to add it to repository. Thanks for support.

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