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Sudden freeze of the OS
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Howdy here,
I have a friend of me that installed Solus on his laptop. It going right, the install (/boot/efi, swap (4Go), /home, / partitions) was successful. After the reboot, there where no problems at all, he used the distro for playing Minecraft, looking videos on YouTube etc, all was going well.

But four days later, the screen freezes suddenly while he was talking on discord and he don't have other choice than force the shutdown of the laptop. Since his screen freezes randomly and it's really annoying.

So it's for asking if there could be solutions of this problem because he really like the distro but the freezing screen is really annoying.

I omitted the lines of journalctl.txt that where from before today
We shutdown the laptop at 16:49 so the lines just before are intersting (from line 3339)
I can see that it seems to be budgie but i'm not sure, there is hardware.txt generated with the "inxi -Fx" command.

So I hope that this gonna help solving this issue.


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Could it be a budgie-polkit-d bug?

Might be related to this bug on Budgie's Github?

It could be a memory issue. That computer only has 4GB of RAM and Linux is known to freeze when it runs out of memory.


  • Lower the swapiness setting
  • Increase the size of the swap partition/file
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Is this still an issue?

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