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[RFC] What to do with mycroft
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I started to update mycroft-core and fix T7610. While doing this I discovered that Mycroft requires a speech recognition engine called Pocketsphinx, which is not much recent. Commits on Github are actually recent, but the latest releases aren't.
There's no gain in having a half-working mycroft-core package so yours is the choice to include Pocketsphinx or temporarily disable mycroft-core.

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I don't understand the aim of this request since @Girtablulu explicitely said this dependency must be added in the repo by the person who claims T7610

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Because latest Pocketsphinx release is a prealpha dated 2016 and the latest stable release in from 2012. We usually don't want to include pieces of software that old.
Ah, that's because python-pocketsphinx is just a Python API for Pocketsphinx itself.

I know that. I was talking about the engine, not the Python library (from the readme: "This package provides a python interface to CMU Sphinxbase and Pocketsphinx ").
Anyway, looking at the code the Python library has the pocketsphinx engine included via a git submodule. I didn't notice that before. All in all I think that this allows us to dodge the inclusion of an old package being pocketsphinx.

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