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Update blender to 2.81a
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Blender 2.81a features a redesigned user interface, better UX, and a new renderer, among many other improvements.


I attempted to update the buildscript myself, but unfortunately I couldn't get it to complete the build.

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It seems the patches are what makes the compilation fail, probably because 2.80 is such a big update. I tried to comment the patches and it's compiling right now, will update if everything compiles fine.

While it compiles, @kyrios123 do you remember what were the patches for? If it passes compilation without them does that mean we can just not include them or are they needed so blender functions properly?


About the purpose of a patch
If there is no comment in the patch or package.yml and the patch name is not self-explaining, please reffer to the corresponding commit message to get more details

About failing patches
When a patch fails to apply, just look at the code main causes are

  • patch has been merged upstream
  • patch need to be rebased
  • code has been deeply refactored (usually such changes are mentionned in the News/Changelog/Release notes)

PS: You can look at the .rej file to get the details about the rejections if necessary.

Thanks a lot kyrios! So apparently Blender can compile without the patches (or at least compile enough to give me an error) but it gives an error about the python3 version, so we need to update python3 before blender.

As stated in T6817 it won't be an easy task and probably will take a while so if someone needs Blender 2.8in the meantime they should use the distro agnostic version given by the BF here.

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For what it's worth, you can also download Blender 2.80 through Steam, as an alternative to directly downloading from the Blender Foundation.

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I'd be willing to handle this as I more or less maintain Blender 2.8x for Exherbo too.

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Seems you're already mostly there.

Just a quick note that 2.82 is in bcon4 and is slated for release in about a week or so.

EDIT: Blender needs OpenSubDiv enabled to support e.g. the BMW render benchmark (it's currently not packaged for Solus).

@ermo take it in your basket if you want!
I did the update just because I know it's a long awaited update and I wanted to improve the package.yml a little.

I'm packaging up OpenSubdiv as we speak.

Go land this thing now that the opensubdiv repo has been added. =)