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Nextcloud tray icon tiny
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I just installed Solus Budgie on a laptop with QHD+ display, and so Budgie automatically scaled to 2x. Despite most things scaling as they should, the Nextcloud client has a miniscule tray icon. Perhaps it has to do with the icons or the Budgie tray, not sure.


Update: qBittorrent also has a tiny icon, so I'm beginning to think the issue may be Qt related. Discord, for example, does not exhibit the issue.

Update: Setting environment variable QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=1 fixes the tray icon issue and also makes Qt applications much more usable, but causes interface bugs in qBittorrent.

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@Girtablulu can you take a look at this please?

As far as I understood this, upsteam has to provide a fix, setting the env var will or can cause issues for low DPI monitors or for software which already does it by itself as qBittorent set it to 0
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