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Yakuza 0 - some minigames not working
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According to peoples reports (Ubuntu and Arch users), minigames such as Space Harrier, should work. Meanwhile they've never worked on my system.

To be precise, when I try to play Space Harrier in Yakuza 0, the animation plays, and after its complete the screen goes black. It's possible to alt tab out of the game / kill the process.

I'm using Solus GNOME, Nvidia 430.26 drivers (the issue was there with older drivers as well), Proton 4.2-9.

I'm guessing Solus is missing some libs or something.

I'm enclosing Steam output from the moment Steam was started, to the moment I quit the game (I quit the game after the black screen happened when trying to play Space Harrier), but I don't know if it contains anything useful.

I've tried playing the game with native runtime on and off - it made no difference.

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In this case. This is a windows only game, in which it makes use of the proton runtime. I'd check which proton version you're using within steam. And if none of those options work, make a report over at

At least that's my suggestion on the matter. But as for generating a log, what you provided says nothing at all. In the game properties, in your set launch options enter this PROTON_LOG=1 %command% and it should give you a more detailed log.

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As I said, I've had this issue for a long time, ever since I got the game (over half a year ago), so I've tried all the Proton version with it.

This is a Solus-specific issue, as the emulated minigames are reported to be working on Ubuntu and Arch based distros (the sound doesn't work in them ootb, but they actually load and work).

Here's the PROTON_LOG

OK, I've reinstalled the game on my main partition (it was before on another partition), and the minigames work.

So it turns out, it's a Proton / Wine bug after all.

This issue can be closed.

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