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T2449: gThumb

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We already have Eye Of Gnome (eog), gpicview, feh, and viewnoir. We really don't need another image viewer.

GThumb isn't just an image viewer, it is more like Shotwell, I think it's a better alternative then Shotwell.
Gthumb can edit photos similar to Shotwell, the advantage Gthumb has over Shotwell is that Gthumb uses the file system instead of a database.

We already have a multitude of image / photo manipulation tools too.

I only did a quick search, guess I didn't look good enough.
Thank you for your time.

gThumb has a function to find image duplicates which is really useful.
Still could not find any other tool (with proper GUI) that can do that based on the binary content of the image file.
Please consider to reopen this and package gThumb. Thanks.

I'd really love to keep using gThumb as well.
I'd love to see it in the repos.

+1 for the use of gthumb. it is my go to image viewer. the ability to browse the file structure is lacking in all of the photo viewers listed in this thread.

thanks a ton

+! from me as well; It's nice to have the options of using it as a viewer, but to also use it as a basic photo editor (a la irfanview type of software). It has some good integrations, and is something that people familiar with Gnome in general will be more comfortable with.

+1'ing isn't going to help. It was rejected.

Since the package rules have updated, is gThumb still rejected?

As the package rules say, here is a couple of links regarding the "2-Distro Waiter" policy:
gThumb in Ubuntu
gThumb in Fedora
gThumb in openSUSE

And it's being actually mantained: gThumb in Gnome Git

I would really appreciate if addition of Gthumb would be reconsidered . Unlike Shot well which was made by now defunct Yorba , Gthumb is and was part of Gnome . Also it is far superior to Shotwell OR Viewinor or Eog . To get similar functionality i would need to install Digikam and that brings in whole lot of KDE .
Please !

Unlike Shot well which was made by now defunct Yorba

Except this isn't entirely correct. Shotwell is actively developed, it saw a release merely a couple weeks ago and fairly regular commits. It is also part of GNOME (and uses their architecture).

That I did not know . However gThumb is only Gnome image management app that is anywhere near that of a Digikam .
It is your decision . Many of us already tried to make a case for it .
Thank you .

hey guys i have made an install guide for gthumb for solus. its on reddit, follow the link here.

have fun.

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Merry Christmas.

Props to @kyrios123 for picking this up and running with it =)