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Java 11 LTS - OpenJDK 11 - OpenJRE 11
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Hi :)

After reading T4578 and other requests related to Java [1], there doesn't seem to be a disagreement about the inclusion of recent versions of Java.
Still, there are technical and UX challenges about multiple version cohabitation.

Should the JRE be in a separate package request?
Should I also open a request for version 12 or wait?


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tuxayo created this task.Jun 27 2019, 1:13 PM
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Multiple version cohabitation: for a first step, is cohabitation needed from a user (non-dev) point of view?
For example I would like a JRE > 8 to make JOSM (or any app) faster and allow the devs to deprecate JRE 8 sooner and don't be stuck with only the Java features from 5 years ago.

So could a first minimal Java 11 support be in the form of a package incompatible with openjdk-8?

Thanks @DataDrake I didn't found T6658 :)