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Solus breaks in hibernation
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Hello, I'm sorry I have to bother you guys for this, but I am new to Linux and honestly I couldn't get as well as I do with Solus with any other Distro, so I'd really love to have this sorted if possible 😄

Whenever any of my installations go into hibernation, something breaks:

--On my PackardBell (kinda old computer, but not Moon-landing old) the Network manager just switches off. The computer does not have a built-in Wi-Fi card, so I need a USB (TP-Link) thingy to connect to the router. This just stops working at all. Taking the USB out and back in doesn't work and the only way I found to fix it was rebooting, which would just make hibernation pointless.

--On my Laptop (HP Pavillion Energystar Intel-i5) the menu bar at the bottom (with the start-menu, the applications running, and all the other things. I think it's called task-bar? unsure) just stopped working all-together, I right-clicked the desktop to reach terminal and reboot to make it work again.

--On my University Laptop (HP Notebook -- the worst version the University could find me I suppose) everything works just great. Nothing found that I can complain about relating to hibernation.

Thank you very much in advance, and please guys, make it easier for people to donate to the Solus project and things like that: Ubuntu prompts you to a page as soon as you download their ISO where you can donate however much you want, and Zorin (please don't follow their example, but that's out there) made a Pro version with some additional software preinstalled and touch-screen implementation.
This way at least who wants to contribute towards the project somehow and doesn't have the time to study coding and all them fancy things you know to sort OS problems out can give out some funds towards it.

Good luck and keep making me proud of you,


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I guess some of these issues are related to TLP. Please try uninstalling TLP. Then do a reboot and try again.

I am experiencing similar issues with two ThinkPads. I contributed to one thread in the Forum: And I found another related thread:

I don't know about the other folks on the forum, but I'm not running TLP on either of my machines. This issue is also not limited to hibernate, as it also happens on suspend and it also happens during a period of inactivity, when both hibernate and suspend are disabled.

Restarting Budgie works just fine for me, so I'm not whining, but I did want to ensure that the issue has some visibility to the devs.


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Don't know whether it's really relevant to other's issue. Posting here in case it is useful to anyone:
I had similar issues with hibernation: menu bar unresponsive, couldn't launch applications via GUI (but could via terminal). Found out journalctl was riddled with GPU errors. A user (Nycticorax) pointed me to a solution (
Basically, the partition listed in /etc/kernel/cmdline.d/10_resume.conf wasn't my swap partition (I'm using LVM so it seems it has to be a /dev/* file (which can be found with swapon -s).

Also wild speculation, but I think it might also be related to T1856: could it be that even if the partition in the resume boot option is right but the swap partiton isn't mounted, it prevents from correctly resuming from hibernation ?

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Can everyone affected please confirm that they have a swap partition or a swapfile that is equal or larger than their RAM?

denis added a comment.Feb 6 2020, 11:56 AM

Can everyone affected please confirm that they have a swap partition or a swapfile that is equal or larger than their RAM?

Yes, I had a clean installation of Solus, where the OS automatically made a Swap Partition which I remember to be 12Gb

Note, I did not encounter this issue anymore after the last updates. Maybe I didn't leave it sleeping enough to trigger it, but thought it might be something worth noting.
Do others still encounter this issue?

My T420 has 16GB RAM and 8GB of swap. My T440p has 8GB RAM and 8GB of swap. Both machines were affected, but the T420 more so. The problem with both machines was resolved back around the beginning of the year (IIRC), so whatever changes you made, thank you!