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DeaDBeeF doesn't actually have encoders built-in
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In DeaDBeeF's Converter window, it labels all of its available Encoder options as "built-in", but this appears to not be the case. For example, when you try to encode something to Ogg Vorbis format in Deadbeef, you get errors, as it tries to use 'oggenc', which isn't available unless vorbistools is installed. The same occurrs with AAC, since it calls for 'faac' which is proprietary and was removed from the repos (for a reason I can't find, but I don't need it anyway). FLAC and MP3 work since I have libflac and lame installed. I can test the rest of them, later, if you want.

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Just a correction before I fix this, AAC playback support is provided via the open source faad library. I can try to correct their AAC_(Nero_FAAC).txt converter preset and if that fails, patch it out. I'll get vorbis-tools added as a rundep though.

Thanks Josh! I've now noticed the same occurs with Musepack (mpcenc, no package), Opus (opusenc, libopusenc), TTA (ttaenc, no package), and Wavpack (wavpack, wavpack-utils). I don't use any of these currently, though (haven't even heard of TTA until now)