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Enable CONFIG_UHID kernel module
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This patch enables the uhid kernel module, required for some bluetooth mice/keyboards to be recognized as input devices.

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nlaplante created this task.Aug 3 2016, 1:13 PM

here's the patch:

Please properly captilize the subject (Enable not enable).

Also this should only be done on the x86-64 config, not the dead i686 config, which leads me to believe you've
enabled this by hand, not through make menuconfig

You're right I enabled this by hand in both files. I just redid it using
make menuconfig and fixed the subject. Let me know if it's ok!

Here's the new patch:

ikey triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 3 2016, 9:06 PM

Looks good, thanks!

Adding this for my own reference:!topic/linux.debian.kernel/-RE8IdVH10w

ikey raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.Aug 3 2016, 9:20 PM

Elevating to high priority due to this breaking bluez5 HID

ikey claimed this task.Aug 3 2016, 9:20 PM

You might want to upgrade bluez to their latest version too. 5.37 gave me segfaults when pairing. But that should be another ticket!

Oh not good lol, OK thanks for the heads up!

ikey closed this task as Resolved.Aug 4 2016, 12:33 AM

Merged in this commit
Pushed for build with this commit

Thanks for the contribution! :D