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It looked like it would be easy enough looking at git (maybe even with packages already in Solus) if some of the more KDE specific functionality were disabled. The impact on it's usability I don't know.

So need two things to happen:

  1. Be convinced that digikam adds value above what's already in Solus (I've never used it before so have no idea if it's any good).
  2. They sort out the 5.2.0 release from the 18th September as the github tarball doesn't tend to have locale information.

Then it would be done by lunch time as they say


There are several important advantages to Digikam; it has an integrated complete workflow for photos with image manipulation functions and the most important future for me a batch manager which you can use to apply multiple repeatitive actions on large number of files.

For example in my case - I have around 30 - 40 images per sessions; I am using digikam (installed in KDE NEON distribution along Solus) and its batch manager to do the following:

  1. rename the images with a standard naming;
  2. save them as JPG with 70% compression rate;
  3. add a watermark on each of them with a specific size and alignment.

All of this can be done in about 3 minutes with my I3 Haswell for 30 images; it used to get me about 30 - 40 minutes to do the same. Everything is done in a GUI that is fast and intuitive.

This type of functionality you can't find in shotwell or gthumb and this is only the "tip of the iceberg" of what you can do with Digikam.

Here is a link to the dedicated page of the batch manager :

So if it is possible as Solus already has available Kdenlive and Krita, please add Digikam as well to the collection and Solus will become a very good candidate for a lot of pholks who are using exclusively KDE because of these tools.

If you add the Dolphin file manager than that's it for me :) (a joke)...

Thanks for taking this into consideration and let me know if you need more details.

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No need for inclusion, it's available as an AppImage bundle starting with version 5.3.0 (see the image at the end of the article to see digiKam 5.3.0 running in Solus 1.2.1).

I thought Solus doesn't encourage the use of AppImages. The application startup time would probably be much slower than a native package.

I thought Solus doesn't encourage the use of AppImages. The application startup time would probably be much slower than a native package.

I don't know about Solus not endorsing AppImage packages, but no one will stop you from using them :) Snaps and Flatpaks, that's a different story. Anyway, if you have a SSD, the startup time should be the least of your worries.

@baimafeima and @Marius

Faster startup time is just one side-effect of packaging something for Solus. We do a lot of other work during the packaging process. Every package receives a base level of compile-time optimizations. However, there are specific packages like LibreOffice and Firefox that undergo more advantages profile-guided optimizations. There are also several core libraries like OpenGL that are optimized to ensure maximum performance and responsiveness. There's also the fact that we patch for CVE's and that you don't have poorly optimized run-timed bundled with each package wasting disk space. Not to mention the work that we do to integrate software into the Solus platform. You don't get any of that with AppImages.

At the end of the day, the existence of an AppImage is not grounds for dismissing a package request. This will be included into the repos when @sunnyflunk has verified that it is in good standing with our KDE libs.

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Ok, so couple of things.

  1. My bad, I thought for some reason this required the opencv-contrib plugins which was the main issue....turns out this wasn't actually true.
  2. The current blocker is that by default it wants to use the system icon theme (which for non-KDE icon themes is incomplete and looks bad). Haven't been able to work out how to default it to breeze-icons.

Datadrake, my printer is a canan pixma mx 892 a scanner/printer combo which works with other distros with gutenprint.

Hi Solus Team!

Any news on getting Digikam natively for Solus?

Thank you!!

Now in unstable

Some KDE stuff isn't in-built, if some needed functionality is missing, can make a new ticket. Theming/icons can be fixed and controlled by the user in the app, so haven't forced breeze icons as I'd like to come up with (or better yet solved at the application level!) a better solution at some point