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gsettings-desktop-schemas as a missing dependency for libgtk-3
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That is the thing, I removed gsettings-desktop-schemas from my system, but eopkg didn't warned me about it was needed by lutris, so when I wanted to run it, it didn't :-(, and after adding it, it works again, so I guess gsettings-desktop-schemas should be added as a dependency for lutris.

I don't know if this is related with:


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serjor created this task.Apr 19 2019, 9:42 AM
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It's a GNOME app, I'm not sure why you'd want to arbitrarily remove these sorts of packages from your system...

serjor added a comment.EditedApr 19 2019, 10:44 AM

It's a GNOME app, I'm not sure why you'd want to arbitrarily remove these sorts of packages from your system...

The sort answer would be because I can, but that sounds very rough to me, and I don't want to be rude (really, I don't by any means, but as English is not my mother language, explaining myself becomes complicated some times). The long version: I installed solus budgie a long time ago and some friends suggested me to try plasma, so did I and I just was "cleaning" my system removing anything related to gnome/gtk/budgie that wasn't strictly necessary (ie eopkg autoremove prevented me of uninstalling other packages because that would mean uninstalling lutris), so I uninstalled gsettings and "eopkg autoremove" didn't warn me (as other did).

In any case, if any lutris dependency has gsettings-desktop-schemas as dependency, when I wanted to uninstall it, eopkg should have warned me, shouldn't it? Or autoremove doesn't check the recursive dependencies? Just asking to learn how it works.


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For that, I'd probably have gsettings-desktop-schemas as a rundep of libgtk-3 instead. That'll filter up to basically every GTK3 app, including Lutris. I'll get it done for the GNOME 3.32 stack upgrade since I had to update GTK3 for that anyways.

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Thanks for your support :-)

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I'm going to mark this as resolved since I have it updated locally. I've been performing the stack upgrade locally and it'll be pushed either Sunday or Monday, so it'll be resolved on a sync that'll happen on 3rd of May:

Dependencies        : libx11 colord libxcomposite harfbuzz libxcursor libjson-glib pango cups librest libxfixes glib2 freetype2 wayland fribidi libxi glibc libcairo fontconfig gdk-pixbuf libepoxy libxinerama libatk libxdamage
                      libxext libxrandr at-spi2-atk libxkbcommon gsettings-desktop-schema hicolor-icon-theme shared-mime-info