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Cannot load graphical interface of Live USB on a computer with a NVidia RTX graphics card
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I'm currently trying to install Solus Budgie 4.0 on my computer.
I created a USB bootable drive with Rufus and booted on it.
On a screen with 2 choices "Solus 4.0 (Budgie)" or "Reboot Into Firmware Interface", i stay on the line for Solus, hit e to add the option nouveau.modeset=0 and then press return.
It loads stuff for a few seconds then i arrive at a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner and then nothing happens.

So i changed tty, log in with root/root and check lightdm status : failed

journalctl -xeu lightdm

i carry on with a startx

and then :

less /var/log/Xorg.0.log

so i can see that nouveau still is not disabled, even with the provided argument at boot time.

My hardware :
AMD Ryzen7 2700X
EVGA GeForce RTX 2070
MSI B450I Gaming plus ac

I've liked Solus so far in a VM, i would very much like to take the experience a step forward, thanks for the hard work! :)

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Does a regular nomodeset not work?

You will still need to install the nvidia-glx-driver-current package after installing to disk.

@Rashguir is a friend of mine.

For now we have tested so far to boot with`nouveau.modeset=0` or nomodeset.
The exact same think happen.
Blinking white dash on a black screen.

Have you tried blacklisting the nouveau driver?


Should default to vesa then, giving you a chance to install the proprietary driver.


Sorry for the delay, i was away this week-end.
I tried


, then


, then, in despair,

nomodeset rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau

but i still got the same result... :/

Thanks for the help :)


For the record, i managed to install an other distribution (elementary OS) without taking care of nouveau nor altering anything, with the same hardware of course.

I'll be willing to test again if a solution is presented :)

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The workaround for new NVIDIA cards to install nvidia-glx-driver-current after setting nomodeset stopped working recently.
Some essential packages are unfetchable

Downloading 3 / 4
Package nvidia-glx-driver-common found in repository Solus
Program terminated.
Could not fetch destination file "": [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 404 - Not Found

IMHO it's essential for this to work OOTB on the ISO and now it seems urgent

Best of luck

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Having exact same issues with Acer Aspire 5 - i5 (10th gen) + nvidia mx250 + uefi (no legacy boot available)
With the very same Live USB stick I'm able to boot Solus LIVE and install the system, but on this laptop it hangs on black screen with blinking cursor.
Tried different combinations of kernel parameters like - nouveau.modset=0, nomodeset and nomodeset .. but with no avail.

@Timalex how to pre-install those packages on the LIVE USB ?

EDIT; I'm not able to enter a tty with ctrl+alt+fn 1-6
Appending 3 to the kernel parameters gives me the option to login as root.
EDIT2: is there a way to install the OS without GUI ?

@presianbg The tools to create an adapted Solus ISO was removed since it was abused for evil.

I'm afraid there is no good solution yet.

A convoluted and definitely not recommended approach I tried was to mount the Solus ISO inside a VM on another linux live distro that will boot as expected (Manjaro set with nonfree driver). There the Solus Live environment will see an ancient compatible graphics card, so no problem. If the targeted storage device is passed through as is to the VM it's possible to install on it.
I had to pre-partition the storage device so that it was visible during installation, with manual mounting points mind you. This last part could very well be due to that I had to install on an SD-card as a temporary solution (you don't want to know). It didn't work out great but booted the first time.. (couldn't even use the TTY:s after that) possibly because of a hardware error with the SD-card.
I settled on moving an existing Solus installation drive from my laptop to the desktop as a desperate measure, which sort of worked out after some troubleshooting since that is what I'm typing this on.

TL;DR We're at the mercy of our benevolent leaders and their finite capacity

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This should have been resolved with 4.1.

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This is not resolved. Still cannot install on an RTX 2080. Tried nomodeset boot then running eopkg up then eopkg it nvidia-glx-driver-current systemctl restart lightdm and nothing. Just a blinking cursor. If I don't boot with nomodeset then it boots (I hear the login sound) but it's a blank screen and my monitor turns off (no signal detected). Please let me know how I can help debug. Thanks