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Mouse don't work in neovim on terminal
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Testes on mate-terminal, gnome-terminal, tilix, terminator and roxterminal.

Only kitty works.

To reproduce:
Install neovim, open it (nvim) and run :set mouse=a

Tested in Mint, Ubuntu, Arch with sames terminals and init.vim and works.

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Like I said in forum, it's probably the vte library fault.

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Using nvim in tmux works fine though

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Can you explain explicitly what the mouse support is expected to provide in terms of functionality?

I believe it's a known issue, scrolling in nvim triggers an E73 tag stack empty error, seems to be due to an improper value of $TERM

There are tons of bug reports, this is one of them:

this doesn't happen with st or kitty though

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Seems more like an issue with those respective projects and not explicitly Solus then. You can always change your TERM.

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