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Login Screen Freezes on Boot. No terminal access.
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Solus 4.0 - Latest kernel.
Freezes on login screen. No mouse or keyboard response. Failure on each reboot. No terminal access.

The textbox for the password field goes white. I suspect it could be something to do with X.

I've seen issues similar to this. However I can't get terminal access.

How can I go about fixing the login splash so that I can gain access regularly?

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csnow created this task.Apr 1 2019, 6:16 AM
csnow added a comment.Apr 1 2019, 6:34 AM

Update: Solus is not frozen. The clock and battery still counts. I suspect my laptop isn't catching my keyboard or mouse.

I have just installed fusuma along with libinput and its packages. I suspect it may be due to this.

Can anyone offer any possible resolution for this problem?

csnow added a comment.Apr 1 2019, 6:56 AM

Update: USB connected keyboards and mice don't work

csnow added a comment.EditedApr 1 2019, 7:30 AM

Budgie DE

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stable or unstable repo? Can you get into TTY? What did you do before this boot?

csnow added a comment.Apr 1 2019, 9:39 AM

Stable. Can’t get into tty with ctr alt f2. I installed libinput and fusuma before this.

okay, it seems you have to chroot into it, after chrooting check if you really fully up to date and as well as for broken packages, if this still doesn't solve it rollback the update

csnow added a comment.EditedApr 1 2019, 9:45 AM

Thank you. I’ll work on my box tonight :)
I’ll update about the status soon

csnow added a comment.Apr 1 2019, 10:52 AM

I have these logs from checking eopkg.

Checking integrity of python-chardet Broken
Corrupted file: /usr/bin/chardetect
Checking integrity of python-setuptools Broken
Corrupted file: /usr/bin/easy_install
Corrupted file: /usr/bin/easy_install-2.7

eopkg won't let me reinstall with this error:
Program terminated.
Could not fetch destination file "": [Errno 14] curl#6 - "Could not resolve host:"

csnow added a comment.Apr 1 2019, 11:06 AM

I have replaced the corrupted files on my box with the ones on my live boot. This has fixed all corrupted files and packages without needing internet.

However the issue remains

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Thank you for your help. I have resolved this issue by reinstating the DNS nameservers manually which prevented me from using Eopkg.

Turns out by uninstalling libinput, I uninstalled a lot of other packages along with it such as budgie-desktop.

By rolling back, this has solved the login freeze.

Thank you for your help again, and if anyone is having trouble with this please do add me to your thread.