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Broken cyrillic text encoding
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Hi there,
I found this problem.
I am on Souls Budgie, I use English and Cyrillic keyboard layouts.
When I create a simple note with Gedit and write in Cyrillic under the souls partition ext4, save, and after that copy the file on NTFS partition the letters in cyrillic are broken, they look unreadable like this - това е проба.

how to recreate the problem:

  1. open Gedit
  2. copy then paste this text without the brackets: [this is a test - това е проба]
  3. save the file in Home/user/Documents, name it whatever you want
  4. copy the file on NTFS partition
  5. open it
  6. you should see: [this is a test - това е проба]

This problem does not appear when a text file is created with Libra Office. I suppose a better encoding integration in the files.
At first I thought that it is a problem of the Gedit and its encodng, but I tried this with a couple of more simple text editors and they gave the same bad result. The only program that made it well was Notepadqq, it shows cyrillic characters perfectly well, no matter on which partition the file is. I tested the same exercise in Kubuntu and everything is ok there, no problem with Gedit and other text programs.

I may be wrong, but I think that the problem is somewhere in Solus. Would you be so kind to check this out?

Best regards

solusme created this task.Mar 25 2019, 4:30 PM
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So I tested this on my Plasma install, because it sounds weird as hell :) but I can say it doesn't happen on Plasma so it's probably a gnome issue but I don't really have an idea why this happens

solusme updated the task description. (Show Details)Mar 26 2019, 2:35 PM

Yes, I suppose the same, but I'm not experienced enough to solve the problem.
Thank you.

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This sounds like an upstream issue with gedit and file encodings.