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Steam Overlay - Broken with Steam Runtime
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Steam Overlay - Broken with Steam Runtime

The Steam Overlay does not work when using the Steam Runtime.
The Steam Overlay will work using the Native Runtime

ERROR: object '/home/rick/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored.

This issue started after I updated Solus with Steam being updated to
I was already running the latest Steam beta before updating Solus and the Steam Overlay was working

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this is working for me, please make sure you are up to date and check for any broken packages

I'm seeing the same issue, had a few broken unrelated packages which are now fixed. Didn't help.
The overlay works when using the native runtime, which I'm currently not using because of Proton issues in the past.

So if you say this isn't an issue make 100% sure you aren't using the native runtime.

kisak of Valve Github fame also told me that the error message as posted above is a red herring, as Steam always tries to load both overlays 32 and 64bit and let one silently fail.

Is this still a problem?

For me it very much still is.

Ive got the same problem. How can I help with debugging?

Khrona added a subscriber: Khrona.Jun 12 2020, 5:48 AM

I have this issue too, recently had to disable the Native Runtime to run DOOM Eternal. I actually would prefer to leave it disabled as the Steam Runtime seems to be getting updates that help with issues like the one that included the newest Vulkan headers before distros got to update, but not having the ability to Alt + Tab and use controllers (the overlay is needed) is annoying.

Is there any way I can help with debugging this issue? I just found a native game that doesn't work on Solus with the Native Runtime enabled (Antichamber) and would like to help solve this issue so I, and others, can use the Steam Runtime instead.

SolarLune added a subscriber: SolarLune.EditedJul 30 2020, 7:16 AM

Hello, I believe I am also seeing the same issue with this.

I'm trying to run the game Wayward, and while it runs completely fine outside of Steam or with the native runtime disabled, the game simply doesn't run if attempted to do so with the Native Runtime enabled. Wayward itself is a native Linux game, of course.

Also, same as Khrona, I'm unable to run Antichamber with the native runtime enabled - it quits as soon as I attempt to run the game. If I disable the runtime, then it runs fine.

EDIT: In case it helps, it seems that the issue isn't that the native runtime doesn't work, it's that it doesn't work on specific games. I can run other Linux games (and Proton games) without issue, but it seems like certain ones don't run with the runtime. That might explain why some people have said it's working fine when it doesn't work for others (the two groups test different games).