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Maybe firefox.desktop and thunderbird.desktop consistent
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firefox.desktop and thunderbird.desktop are not written in the same style.

Compare$3 and$3

GenericName=Web Browser
Comment=Browse the Web

Name=Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News
Comment=Read/Write Mail/News with Mozilla Thunderbird
GenericName=Mail Client

I like the very short Firefox strings and dislike the very long Thunderbird strings.

I suggest changing thunderbird.desktop to something like:

Comment=Read and write Mail/News
GenericName=Mail Client

GenericName=Mail/News Client

Maybe fix the order of lines starting with the following so they come in the same order in both files:

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@kyrios123 as the Maintainer, what's your opinion on this?

Maybe the .desktop files should just be updated from where ever they come from.
Like each time the package/Firefox/Thunderbird is updated the .desktop files should also be updated to get the latest changes.

Jacalz added a subscriber: Jacalz.Mar 22 2019, 8:11 AM

I think this would be a good idea for better consistency 👍

kyrios123 changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Mar 22 2019, 10:32 AM

I'll fix this and I'll also add Desktop Actions for Thunderbird so @JoshStrobl will be happy :)

But first I need some one perhaps @DataDrake or @sunnyflunk if he's around to run the lang scripts for firefox 66.0 and for thunderbird 60.6.0 because I won't rebuild these monsters just for the .desktop file while new versions have been released.

Assigning JoshStrobl to investigate and triage. Referencing T7289.

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Tsst tsssttt @Herald

Now the source/english Name, Comment, and GenericName looks fine to me but the translation are the translation of the old strings.
So what do i do if i want to fix the translations to match the source?