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Update TLP to 1.2.1
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New features (highlights):


  • Support for NVMe, USB, IEEE1394 devices
  • Support for multi queue I/O schedulers (blk-mq)


  • Manual mode: keep tlp ac/bat power settings (until reboot or tlp start)


  • Intel GPU frequency limits

Radio Devices

  • tlp-rdw: new command to disable RDW actions temporarily (until reboot)
  • USB_BLACKLIST_WWAN: disable by default

ThinkPad Battery

  • New native kernel API for battery features "natacpi"; used by default for kernels >= 4.17
  • Support ThinkPad 25, *80 (Coffee Lake) and all newer models
  • tlp-stat: improved recommendations for external kernel modules


  • Exclude scanners managed by libsane from autosuspend

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