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Bus Error seems connected to clr-boot-manager and nautilus
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Not sure how to debug this but in both cases on the com.solus-project.current.4.18.5-90 kernel and the lts I am not able to run the clr-boot-manager update without a bus error


Name                : clr-boot-manager, version: 3.1.0, release: 22
Name                : nautilus, version: 3.26.4, release: 51

I ran some logs here

CBM_DEBUG=1 clr-boot-manager update
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/bootman.c:L482): Current running kernel: 4.18.5-90.current
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/sysconfig.c:L98): Discovered UEFI ESP: /dev/disk/by-partuuid/412788b5-5a75-4564-90d7-cbe5411a8113
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/sysconfig.c:L123): Fully resolved boot device: /dev/sda1
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/lib/probe.c:L261): Root device exists on device-mapper configuration
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/bootman/bootman.c:L130): UEFI boot now selected (systemd)
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/bootman.c:L502): path ///usr/lib/initrd.d does not exist
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L116): Checking for mounted boot dir
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L119): boot_dir is already mounted: /boot
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L291): Now beginning update_native
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L300): update_native: 3 available kernels
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L320): update_native: Running kernel is (current) ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.current.4.18.5-90
[SUCCESS] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L335): update_native: Bootloader updated
[SUCCESS] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L349): update_native: Repaired running kernel ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.current.4.18.5-90
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L358): update_native: Checking kernels for type lts
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L373): update_native: Default kernel for type lts is ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.lts.4.9.158-126
[SUCCESS] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L385): update_native: Installed tip for lts: ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.lts.4.9.158-126
[SUCCESS] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L399): update_native: Installed last_good kernel (lts) (///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.lts.4.9.158-126)
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L410): update_native: Analyzing for type lts: ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.lts.4.9.158-126
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L416): update_native: not-running: ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.lts.4.9.158-126
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L421): update_native: Skipping default-lts: ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.lts.4.9.158-126
[DEBUG] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L358): update_native: Checking kernels for type current
[INFO] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L373): update_native: Default kernel for type current is ///usr/lib/kernel/com.solus-project.current.4.20.10-111
Bus error

I am running the older kernel cause of T7668 which might be related, unclear. I tried rebuilding the db via eopkg and reinstalling nautilus, clr-boot-manager, and linux-current all to no avail.

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