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Update sway to v1.0
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Sway has officially released v1.0.

With it come many changes in dependencies, including parts that are distributed separatly.
From the release text:

  • swaygrab has been removed. For screenshots, try grim, and for video capture try wlstream
  • This release depends on wlroots 0.5 and drops the dependency on wlc.
  • This release depends on scdoc for generating man pages, and drops the dependency on asciidoc.
  • Experimental Nvidia support has been deprecated since its inception, and has now been removed entirely. Please use nouveau and consider future purchases from GPU vendors that support open source. Other proprietary drivers are also unsupported.
  • swaylock is now distributed separately
  • swayidle, a new idle management daemon, is available separately

Source code:

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This will be blocked on

I have packaged a bunch of the sway ecosystem stuff here would love to move it here, once that blocker is resolved...

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wayland-protocols has been updated to 1.18 with this week's Sync.
As such, there is no blocker anymore.