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Suggestions for better Plasma defaults
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  1. Make Meta+D minimize all windows to show the desktop. This shortcut is disabled by default and, if activated, it's set to Meta+Shift+D at first. Note: Meta+D is identical to Windows' default shortcut.
  2. Remove windows snapping to themselves and to the borders. I find it pretty annoying.
  3. Default windows placement, "Smart", isn't smart at all. It always ends to draw windows at screen corners. IMO a better placement behavior would be cascade or centered.
  4. Enable blur by default. It's super lightweight and very good looking. I don't mean to enable blur wherever possible (Konsole, for example), but just tick the checkbox and let context menus have it.
  5. Remove the bouncing icon when launching an application. This gives a sense of slowness and, even worse, it sometimes keep bouncing even after the application started.

Event Timeline

  1. I can get behind this idea
  2. I like it and use it all the time :3
  3. Yea, this is probably a more sane approach
  4. Some people do not like blur, I'd rather have this off and if someone really wanna have it he can activate it
  5. why did you have to tell me this, now I cannot unsee it...

I'm glad you agree to 3 suggestions over 5. Not a bad result 😄